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Our Team

The Bletchley Bubblettes

Amanda Woodgate

Three words to describe Amanda: Positive, funny, straight-talking.

Amanda’s Laundry Superpower: Cleans the shop to an exacting standard at the speed of light.

In a sandwich shop Amanda would choose: Egg with mayo on white (Our Amanda has very simple tastes).


Elaine Watt

Three words to describe Elaine:  Caring, diplomatic, slightly crazy (in a good way!)

Elaine’s Laundry Superpower: Irons like a machine!

Of all the desserts on the menu Elaine would order a: Knickerbockerglory (with extra sauce – bit like Elaine herself!)

Laundry Assistant

Sarah Blundell

Three words to describe Sarah: Animal-lover, clumsy and bubbly

Sarah’s Laundry Superpower:   Olympic title holder in the “Folding Fitted Sheets” event

A night out with Sarah would involve a couple of:  Woowoo’s and Sex On The Beach (ooo-errr Missus)

Laundry Assistant

Julie James

Three words to describe Julie:   Honest, reliable, family orientated,

Julie’s Laundry Superpower:  World record holder for emptying coin boxes and floor sweeping.

If you want to make Julie tearful then sit her down and make her watch the film "The Colour Purple" - someone pass the hankies please.


The Wolverton Bubblettes

Jacqui Brown

Three words to describe Jacqui: Loyal, vertically-challenged,  game-for-a laugh (Come on now Jacqui!  That’s way more than three!)

Jacqui’s Laundry Superpower: Makes lifting 25 litre drums of fabric conditioner look easy

If you are ordering Jacqui a pizza make sure it is: A Hawaiian with anchovies (bleurgh!)


Pat Punter

Three words to describe Pat: Happy, kind and helpful

Pat's Laundry Superpower: No-one can put a crease in a pair of trousers like our Pat

What makes Pat happy...stick some lively music on the jukebox and Pat will be in her element

Laundry Assistant


Three words to describe Annalisa:  Fun-loving, generous and broadminded

Annalisa's Laundry Superpower:  The ability to make the chrome of our washers shine like no other so much so that you can see your reflection in them

What makes Anitra happy...If you fancy treating Anitra to breakfast one morning, you can forget the continental option - she'll have a full Engish every time

Laundry Assistant


Three words to describe Sonia: Kind, thoughtful, and generous

Sonia's Laundry Superpower: The ability to iron a razor-sharp creases in shirt sleeves

What makes Sonia happy...Sonia loves her hours as part of our Wolverton family but when she isn't pairing socks there is nothing she likes more than quality time with her own.

Laundry Assistant

The Northampton Bubblettes

Donnalee (Lee) Andrews

Three words to describe Lee:  Determined, Ambitious, Fashionvictim

Lee’s Laundry Superpower:    Plate-spinning better than a professional circus act

A sure-fire track to get Lee moving:  Stick some Motown on the shop sound system and off she goes…..


Becca Stevens

Three words to describe Becca:  Creative, beguiling, inquisitive

Becca’s Laundry Superpower:    Never mind wash cycling our Becca is an expert at recycling and upcycling

If there’s one topping that Becca cant resist on toast it is:  Peanut butter and Jelly – Yum!

Laundry Assistant

Our Launderettes

19c Melrose Avenue,
Milton Keynes, MK3 6PB.
Tel: 0333 123 W-A-S-H (0333 123 9274)*

44 Church Street,
Milton Keynes, MK12 5JW.
Tel: 0333 123 W-A-S-H (0333 123 9274)*

43 Oulton Rise,
NN3 6EW.
Tel: 0333 123 W-A-S-H (0333 123 9274)*

*All calls charged at local rate

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