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How to pack up and protect summer clothing

Brrrr, have you felt that Autumn chill in the air?! The season is changing which means so are our wardrobes. It’s time to pack away those rompers, short shorts and Hawaiian shirts and make the seasonal swap, which can often be a nightmare if your wardrobe is bursting at the seams like ours! It’s important to take the time to have a good sort out to pack up and protect our favourite clothes to prevent mould, moth holes or even discolouration ruining them through the colder months.

Here’s some of our top tips for packing away your summer smalls so they stay in tip top condition!

Give them a good scrub

It might be tempting to quickly stuff your worn clothes into bags and hide them in the black hole that is the back of your wardrobe, but moths and bacteria love the smell of sweet perfume and food remains.Giving them a thorough launder first will reduce the risk of a moth attack and prevent stains from appearing while stored away.

Get winning wash results with our 18kg ‘King’ machine Elvis, which is large enough for you to wash your whole seasonal in one go. With a washing time of 30-40 minutes you’ll be storing it away in no time!

Choose the right type of storage & location

Opt for storage containers or fabric bags that are breathable, as plastic bags can discolour your clothes over time. If you’re using a container this should be opaque to keep light out and stop discolouration this way.

If you won’t be jetting off again for a few months save on space by storing in your luggage. But if you travel a lot, this may be more trouble than it’s worth!(Also check out our super Jet Setter package!)

For the super organised labelling them will make it easier to find garments if we’re blessed with an Indian summer.

Do good & donate

If you know that come next summer you won’t wear certain items have a clear out now, which will save you having to find the extra space to store them. Our Milton Keynes charity partner, The Bus Shelter MK, often needs donations. Take a look at their Facebook page to see what they’re after right now.

If your short on time, take advantage of our collect and deliver serviceavailable within a 10-mile radius of MK9 postcodes (sorry Northampton it’ll be coming soon!). You can be tackling other chores or putting your feet up while the Bubblettes take care of the washing and drying!

Keep them smelling fresh

Time to put your best folding skills to practice as you want to lay clothes as flat as possible to avoid wrinkle damage. Layering scented tissue paper or lavender bags in-between the layers will help keep them smelling squeaky clean all winter long.

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