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Duvet cleaning: How often should this be done?

Finally, Spring has sprung, and we’re blessed with longer days and warmer weather which brings out the spring-cleaning bug in us all. It’s the perfect time to tick duvet cleaning off your list of jobs, but while most of us regularly wash our bedding many forget or consider it a too big a chore to clean our duvets inside. Did you know a recent study revealed that a quarter of people have never washed their duvet?! Now we’re getting into a whole different kind of bug!

Why should I clean my duvet?

There’s nothing like the feeling of fresh bedding, but your bed isn’t really ‘fresh’ if your duvet hasn’t been cleaned. Our bodies naturally shed millions of skin cells every time we hit the pillow and it’s estimated that we sweat at least 200ml of liquid per night, which builds up into our sheets, duvet and pillows – a breeding ground for pests like dust mites.

If that doesn’t make your skin crawl, a duvet that hasn’t been washed for a year is likely to contain more than 20,000 dust mites which can cause irritated skin and eyes as well as being the breeding ground for up to 16 other forms of bacteria!

How often should I launder my duvet?

Taking all those creepy crawly facts into account it is advised that we clean our duvets at least every 6 months to get it really clean and free from anything else calling it home. Our pillows should be cleaned more frequently, every month is advised.

Fun fact: Did you know we spend over 35% of our lives sleeping under a duvet!

How do I clean a duvet?

If all that’s got you feeling yukky and in the mood for tackling the duvet cleaning, you’ll need to consider two things; the duvet type and how big it is. Naturally filled duvets (feather and down) need extra care to make sure they’re thoroughly dried otherwise the filling may start to rot!

Thanks to our bitterly cold winters we often resort to a thick tog that our washing machines can’t accommodate – this is where our Bubbles Duvet Cleaning Service in our Milton Keynes and Northampton launderette comes to the rescue!

Our largest machine can handle a 40lb washing weight and easily fit up to a King Size duvet! We’ll wash, dry and package your duvets to make sure you sleep tight and the bed bugs don’t bite! Plus, we’ll send you a reminder when it’s due again.

Take a look at our duvet cleaning prices.

Duvet cleaning collection & delivery

Hefting a household of duvets in and out the car isn’t an easy job, so why not use our Collection & Delivery Service to get your duvets cleaned? Available in our Milton Keynes and Northampton launderette, it’s super simple to do. Just set up an account online or download our app (available on Googleplay or Apple Store) then, select you desired time slot or to arrange. With a super speedy 48hr turn around you can get your Spring Cleaning sorted in no time at all!

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