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5 benefits of our collection & delivery service

It’s very common these days to get your weekly shop delivered, hire a cleaner to come once a week and a gardener to mow your lawn. And what about your car? Do you get out your bucket and sponge or take it to the carwash (that’s what us Bubblettes do after a hard week slaving over laundry.)

People outsource all kinds of tasks that they simply don’t have time for, don’t know how to do properly or simply don’t like to do! Imagine this service for your laundry….no more piles of washing and ironing: a laundry service that comes to you to pick it up and deliver it straight back. It’s one of the weekly chores that we all need to do, but many people don’t consider signing up for a laundry service.

There are loads (pardon the pun) of reasons to outsource your laundry to our team of fabulous Bubblettes, but we’ve picked our top 5 that’ll get you wishing you found out about this service sooner!

Super speedy

We want to make sure you always have clean pants….or anything else for that matter so our standard turn- around is a super speedy 48 hours, meaning you’ll be hanging your clothes back up in a flash. Our Bubblettes can pull out all the stops and get it back even quicker (24 hours) for a small surcharge.

No commitment

Unlike many other things in this day and age where we sign on the dotted line, from phone contracts,to TV memberships, to torturing ourselves on a treadmill for 6 months, we won’t ask you to commit to anything. Our service can be your weekly go-to or used whenever you need a load taking off your hands. Simply pick your time slot and we’ll be there to take the chore away. We’re certain though, once you use us once you’ll be hooked! ?

Time is precious…

so, don’t spend it washing smelly socks…that’s our job! Think about those hours you’ll have free to do whatever you like… yes, that was WHATEVER YOU LIKE! Spend some quality time with your friends & family, schedule in another gym session, have a lie in, take up that hobby you’ve always wanted to or simply sit back and relax with a cheeky beverage in hand because you deserve it!

It’s not as expensive as you think!

Our collection and delivery prices start at just £1.75 per kilo.  Collections are free for orders over £25, so get your sheets and towels done at the same time, or there’s a small delivery surcharge of £5 for orders below this.

Professional results

We’re experienced laundry professionals – we don’t get in a lather over washing!  We’ve developed techniques and processes to ensure your garments are returned to you in pristine condition after they’ve been washed, dried and folded. We can even take care of the ironing too! For less than £4 per kilo, we’ll iron and fold your laundry, so you can do the things you really want to.

Great news…

we’ve just launched our laundry Collection & Delivery service in Northampton! ? Our Bubblettes are still sorting some small technical details so you’re not yet able to book via our app but please give us a call to start your laundry free life today! ? 0333 123 9274

For Milton Keynesresidents simply download our app or book your collection online.

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