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4 ways to decrease your ironing pile

It’s bad enough spending the weekend washing and drying your dirties, but then comes Sunday evening when you realise all the clothes you need for work tomorrow are creased! Some love spending an evening in front of the TV ironing, but chore was actually revealed as Britain’s most hated in 2017. In fact, people dislike ironing so much that 10% say they never do it! If you’re one of the latter our Bubblettes have put together their top time saving tips including our ironing service in Milton Keynes and Northampton to help you decrease your ironing pile.

Hang it up

As soon as the tumble dryer stops, remove your clothes and hang or fold them immediately to stop wrinkles setting in. If you don’t use a dryer, shake and hang your garments as soon as the washing machine stops and most of the creases will drop out as they dry. If you’re limited to an indoor airier, it might seem like a great space saving idea to bunch all your clothes up to fit more on, but you’ll be in wrinkle-hell when you remove them!

Buy clothes that don’t need ironing

When out shopping instead of thinking “Does my bum look big in this?” try “Will this be a hassle to iron?”. It might look lovely on the hanger,but some garments can be a pain after their first wear and wash at home and will always require an iron before you wear. Instead look for fabrics that won’t crease too much like cotton jersey, polyester and wool – it could save you hours in ironing time! If you really hate ironing avoid layered clothing, pleats, frills and delicate fabrics too.

Hang your clothes in the shower

Living out of a case when you’re travelling might seem the best option but as soon as you arrive at your destination you should unpack and hang your clothes to stop them creasing in your case. If you’re stuck in accommodation without an iron hanging your clothes up in a steamy bathroom after a shower can help some of the creases drop out. Don’t forget about our Jet Setter laundry service when you return with a case full of dirty laundry!

Give it to Bubbles!

If you’re really pressed for time leave the de-creasing up to our Bubblettes with our ironing service in Milton Keynes and Northampton! We might not know how to stop the wrinkles on our faces but we’re expert at tackling those ones in clothes! For less than £4 per kilo we’ll iron and fold your laundry so you can get on and do the things you really want to. Get in contact today to find out more.

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